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Here is some information and lists of organizations about the issues addressed in each artwork. Please click on the links to learn more.

Gun Violence

Every year, approximately 100,000 Americans are victims of gun violence. For every person who dies from a gunshot wound, two others are wounded. Gun violence is more than a crime issue; it is a broad-based public health crisis. Those who are killed or injured, there are countless others whose lives are forever changed by the deaths of and injuries to their loved ones.

Women Against Gun Violence

Violence Policy Center

Brady Campaign

Coalition To Stop Gun Violence

Cancer Cures

Cancer is a worldwide health concern affecting people of all ages, races and ethnicities. Cancer causes pain and suffering to those we love and costs billions of dollars for treatment and care. Reducing barriers to cancer care is critical in the fight to eliminate suffering and death due to cancer. There are over 100 different types of cancer. Half of all men and one-third of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. Today, millions of people are living with cancer or have had cancer.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

The American Cancer Society

American Association for Cancer Research

Cancer Support Community Pasadena

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